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Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard:

The Wizard and The Great Balloon

Written and Illustrated by Janice Elizabeth Williams


          A young chickadee discovers the true meaning of magic!  

A story about finding the magic within to overcome challenges.


          Parents coping with a life-altering illness or disability face a particular challenge: how to explain their condition to their children.  Children may experience a wide range of emotional reactions to their parent’s condition, such as fear, confusion, and uncertainty about the future.


          Similarly, many parents who have a child with special needs may feel uncertain about how to talk with their child about the challenges they face.  Children with special needs often need extra reassurance that they are unique and special, and that despite the challenges they face, they can achieve great things in the world.


          One of the purposes of this book is to help parents initiate meaningful discussions with their children.


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